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Streamlined workflow with Agile

A collaborative, flexible workflow means you get the right product at the right time.

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Efficiency and transparency at our core

Nobody likes a "sticky" project that seems to get stuck and delayed at every turn, and there's no reason it needs to be that way. Our solution is following an Agile process which implements the SCRUM methodology. There's a ton of reasons we preference this methodology, but here is our top 6:



Our agile approach keeps you involved throughout the process. You'll see regular "staged" versions of your project and provide regular feedback. You'll always know where we are with your project.


Predictable costs and delivery

Projects are broken down into "Sprints", because each sprint represents the amount of work our team can complete over each given period we can accurately estimate how much each feature will cost.


Focus on value

During the project specification stage, we will understand which features are most important to you. You can then prioritise these product features ensure they are created early in the project cycle. You'll get the important stuff first.


Allows for change

You'll see where the project is headed and provide regular feedback. Replacing or altering features isn't a problem, provided the new features will take a similar amount of effort we can adjust specifications to make sure we're delivering the right product.


User first

We plan all projects using "user stories" this means all features are backward planned from how the user would like to interact with the software. After all, we build software for people.


High Quality

By breaking your project down into "manageable chunks" our development team can focus on delivering high-quality development and testing throughout the life of the project.