The UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK, provide backing to CoreBlue’s latest EdTech software

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January 18, 2021 - 3 min read

CoreBlue, an innovative provider of custom software for organisations in the private and public sector, has received backing from Innovate UK for its latest EdTech software, CreatED. The new software is designed to ease the burden on teachers planning lessons for both physical and virtual environments, reducing duplicated workloads and stress while increasing efficiency. 

Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, has awarded over £250,000 to aid the development of cutting edge EdTech software, CreatED. 

As a result of Covid-19, teachers have been faced with the complex challenges of delivering an entire syllabus remotely. Teachers currently have to duplicate or adapt teaching assets and aids for use in both a classroom and virtual setting, wasting time and valuable resource. 

CreatED was the idea of our MD, Lewis, with an idea to solving this efficiency conundrum. 

It is designed to be a tool that allows educators to easily use existing teaching assets like PowerPoints and worksheets to deliver their lessons remotely either live or as pre-recorded video. 

The tool requires no downloads or complicated editing tools and is designed to aid teachers in their day-to-day role and make remote education more accessible and productive. Though a wide range of tools have been developed to improve the experience for the end user, little has been done to ease the workload on teachers, until now. 

Our CreatED software will help teachers to deliver a syllabus that is rapidly adaptable, able to switch between online or in classrooms at short-notice and with minimal disruption to teaching quality.

Lewis Boyles-White, MD of software development company CoreBlue, said:

“Teachers are really busy, so our aim is to make tools which make their day-to-day jobs easy and more efficient. While a host of applications have been developed that create online classrooms and learning environments, there has been little work done to make the lives of teachers easier and help them create new content.

CreateED aims to address that important yet underserved area through its use of proprietary software that allows educators to utilise existing teaching assets and teach in a live and collaborative experience seamlessly.

“CreatED will remove the duplication teachers previously faced in developing assets for use in class and online and reduce the technical barrier to entry. The wide range of device support it provides also means that it will be more accessible than much of the existing software, with teachers able to work from their existing devices rather than invest in new hardware.

“This is the second time we have worked with Innovate UK on the development of EdTech to improve the teaching experience in the era of Covid-19. This latest set of funding will help cement our aim of placing the South West as a hub for EdTech, helping us to work in partnership with schools to create the best experience for students.” 

Aaron Meredith, Head Teacher of Ernesettle Community School, said: 

“I’m immensely proud of our team for their continued efforts to deliver a top-class education for our pupils in such a challenging environment.

“At the same time, I want to embrace technologies that can help lift the planning burden on teachers allowing them to concentrate on providing the best education possible. I am delighted that we can partner with CoreBlue in the trialling of innovative software that allows teachers to concentrate on teaching, not on designing PowerPoints.

“Ultimately every teacher has their pupils’ best interests at heart. A platform that can assist them delivering engaging and challenging lessons through this period of turmoil has the potential to save the education of children at a critical point in their learning pathway.”

Innovate UK Executive Chair Dr Ian Campbell said: 

“In these difficult times we have seen the best of British business innovation. The pandemic is not just a health emergency but one that impacts society and the economy.

“CoreBlue, along with every initiative Innovate UK has supported through this fund, is an important step forward in driving sustainable economic development. Each one is also helping to realise the ambitions of hard-working people.”

CoreBlue are actively seeking education partners such as schools, universities and individual educators to trial the software and are encouraged to get in touch

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